Additional services

1. Technical and legal translation.
Full Russian translation of design documents

2. Development and completion of technical documentation.
Bringing the existing documentation to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and the development of additional mandatory documents (Justification Safety, Ignition Hazard Assessment, Strength Calculations)

3. Authorized (legal) officer in the Customs Union.
According to the requirements of Appendix N 9 to the Agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union (Customs Union) in the conformity assessment procedure, Applicants can only be legal or natural persons (individual enterprises) registered in the territory of a Member State in accordance with its legislation as a Manufacturer, Seller or a person authorized by the Manufacturer.

We have legal entities that are registered in Member Countries and can act as authorized persons

4. Selection of the optimal logistics solution for delivery to Russia and the CIS countries.

5. Export Declarations ATLAS

6. ATA Carnets

7. BTI (Binding Tariff Information)