Issue an EAC certificate (TR CU) and an EAC declaration (TR CU) and export your equipment to Russia and EACU

  1. Collection and preparation of documents for export to Russia, EAEU and other countries.
  2. Services of a legal entity that will represent you on the territory of the Customs Union.
  3. Production audit
  4. Arranging of equipment tests

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Certificate of

  • - Separate Business Unit ООО "T-Cert" accredited authority
  • - Own staff of experts
  • - Tests in an accredited laboratory
  • - Compliance with a clear order of paperwork, according to TR TS (Technical Regulations of the Customs Union)

Our Team

If you need a Certificate or Declaration for export to Russia or other EAEU countries. T-Cert Consulting offers you a comprehensive advice on preparing your EAC (EC-Eurasian Conformity) Certificate / Declaration.

The list of documents required for Certification is wide enough, and these documents should also meet the requirements of TR CU. Our experts will assist you in collecting and drafting the documents required for getting Certificate, thus ensuring a smooth Certification process.